How to Fix Bent Sunglasses

how to fix bent sunglasses

You may have heard that a hair dryer can straighten bent sunglasses. That’s true, but you should also ask an eyewear expert or brand representative before using it. Many eyewear brands are happy to help you straighten your crooked sunglasses as part of their warranty coverage in case of a manufacturing defect. The following are some ways you can straighten crooked sunglasses. Follow these instructions to fix bent sunglasses quickly and easily.

Sewing them together

If your sunglasses have a broken bridge, you can easily fix it by sewing the two parts together. There are eight steps to sewing the two pieces together. First, clean the broken area with sandpaper. Next, rinse them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Finally, you should apply rubber bands to the two pieces of the frames. You can also use wooden sticks to tie them together. Finally, you should leave them to dry.

Adjusting the temples

If you’ve ever struggled to get a proper fit for a pair of sunglasses, you know that you can do wonders to improve their appearance. Bends in the temples of your glasses can result in discomfort and can cause them to dig into the side of your head. Here’s how to adjust the temples of your bent glasses. First, adjust the angled temples. In order to do this, make sure that the lower part of the rims rests evenly on a flat surface. If the opposite temple rests upwards, then straighten that one.

Another method of adjusting the temples of bent sunglasses involves heating the tips of the frames with a hairdryer. Heat the temple tips until they’re uniformly warmed, and then gently bend them. Be careful not to bend them too far, because it may cause them to break. The best way to bend the temples is to hold the sunglasses with both hands and place your thumbs underneath the bent area. Repeat this process several times until you have the correct fit.


If you need to repair a pair of sunglasses, you can try soldering the frame to the broken segment. To do this, you can take a thin piece of metal, such as piano wire or a flat piece of spring steel, and wrap it around the bent area. Make sure you leave enough room for the other end of the wire. Once the wire wrap is secured, you can position the glasses for soldering.

The first step in soldering bent sunglasses is to find out what the metal is in the frames. Some eyeglass frames are too springy for soldering, and the joint will work loose or break when bent over multiple times. Using rosin-gel solder is a good way to bond metals, and tinning the frame before soldering is an excellent way to ensure a solid bond. To do this, you must first remove the lenses and earpieces from the frames.

Hot water method

Whether you’ve dropped or bent your glasses, you can easily fix bent sunglasses by using hot water. This method is especially effective when you’ve accidentally dropped them. You can also use hot water to loosen minute screws inside the frames. Just remember not to apply too much pressure or else the frame could break. Another option to fix bent sunglasses is to dip the frame in warm water. The heat softens the material and makes it easier to bend. Be careful not to damage the lenses; tepid water can ruin prescription lenses.

This method isn’t recommended for all glasses, especially plastic frames. However, it will work if the glasses are warped but not cracked. The only exception is if the glasses have prescription lenses, in which case you can’t use the hot water method. You can also use a hair dryer to spot-heat glasses. When using this method, remember to keep the glasses away from intense heat. This will reduce the risk of damaging them further.

Consult an optometrist

If your sunglasses have become bent, you may not have to throw them away. You can repair them yourself at home, but some types of broken frames require a specialist. If your glasses are made from metal other than titanium, you can repair the damage by soldering the frames back together. The joints, however, will remain weak and may need replacement. If you are not sure how to repair your glasses, consult an optometrist for expert advice.

Fortunately, there are many methods for repairing broken frames. You can use a hairdryer to warm up plastic frames, but metal frames will require a professional repair. You can also use warm water to reshape bent plastic frames. However, plastic frames are more likely to break if you attempt to adjust them. However, many opticians will make minor adjustments for free. You can also take your sunglasses to a Walmart Vision Center, which is an optometrist-owned chain.

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