Glasses For Big Noses

glasses for big noses

If you’re faced with a big nose, you might wonder what kind of eyeglasses would be the best option for you. Contrasting frames will draw attention away from the nose and highlight the eyes. Strikingly different-coloured frames, such as those with a black front and tortoiseshell sides, can reduce the nose’s appearance. The same principle applies to dominant glasses. Opt for a shapely, rectangular frame, and avoid those embellished with flowers and leaves.

Arty, quirky and embellished eyeglasses

If you are facing a big nose, you don’t need to be embarrassed. There are several eyeglass styles for big noses available in the market. One of these styles is the Enchanted collection. The frame of these eyeglasses has angular lines and a winged butterfly tip. The shape of the nose is made slimmer due to the frame. They look perfect on heart faces, oval and round faces.

Square or rectangular frames

There are many ways to downplay the appearance of a large nose. One method is to choose a frame that draws attention away from the nose and towards the eyes. Opt for a solid frame, such as black or tortoiseshell. Another way to downplay a large nose is to choose a frame with an embellished or arty look. For example, a frame that is black on one side with tortoiseshell on the other will draw the eye’s attention away from the big nose and draw more attention to the eyes.

TR90 materials

If you’re interested in a new pair of glasses, consider TR90 materials. These thermoplastic materials are flexible, lightweight, and durable, and they can conform comfortably to any face shape. Additionally, they’re more resistant to damage than other materials, making them less likely to break from impacts and shock. Furthermore, they’re also quite lightweight, making them easy to carry around. Here are some of the advantages of using TR90 materials for big nose glasses.

Metal frames

The best metal frames for big noses will help you look stylish while maintaining a balanced proportion of your face. The bridge width is the most important dimension to consider when choosing your frames. Metal bridges can cut into the skin, resulting in a distorted appearance. To avoid these problems, choose a bridge that is slightly smaller than your actual nose size. Besides, consider whether the metal bridges are comfortable enough for your lifestyle and facial features.

Adjustable nose pads

Whether you have a large, round or flat face, there are plenty of ways to make your glasses feel more comfortable on your nose. You can even make your own by purchasing a material with an adhesive backing and cutting it to the appropriate size. You can also use lip balm to reduce friction between the nose pad and your skin. To avoid pain when wearing your glasses, keep the following tips in mind.


One way to hide a big nose is to wear colorful frames with a black or tortoise shell frame. These glasses will detract attention from the size of the nose and help the face appear smaller. Choosing a frame with rhinestones, floral patterns, or artwork will also help the look. If you have a big nose, you may want to avoid black glasses. If you have small eyes, you can use lenses that look larger.

Frame size

If you have a big nose, you may wonder which frame size would be best for you. Fortunately, the size of your nose is not the only factor to consider when choosing a frame for your big nose. The width of your nose bridge should be contrasting to the width of your other features. Also, keep in mind that big noses often require big bridges, so avoid narrow ones. Larger frames may look stylish, but they will also draw attention away from the nose and make your eyes appear bigger.

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