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  • What Sunglasses Make You Look Younger?

    What sunglasses make you look younger? They have many benefits! Here are some tips for picking the best pair. They should complement your skin tone and facial features. Whether you’re a hot-toned brunette or a cool-toned apple, similar shades can enhance your features and make you look younger. You can experiment with a wider variety […]

  • What Are Asian Fit Sunglasses?

    You may wonder what are Asian fit sunglasses, and this article will answer your question. These eyeglasses are characterized by a large nose bridge, longer temples, and specially designed temple tips. You may have noticed a few of these features on your own. Ultimately, these glasses are the right choice for your face shape and […]

  • How to Find Your Sunglasses When You Lose Them

    Where do you look to find your sunglasses when you lose them? You can try looking around the office desk, the garage, or your vehicle’s driveway. It is possible that you left your glasses in your purse or bag and they have fallen out. You can also ask the front desk at the hotel you […]

  • How to Test If My Glasses Block Blue Light

    There are a few different ways to determine whether your glasses block blue light. You can use Spectrophotometers to test if your glasses are effective at blocking the harmful light. There are also online tests you can perform to find out whether or not your glasses block blue light. Below, we’ll discuss each method. If […]

  • How to Fix Bent Sunglasses

    You may have heard that a hair dryer can straighten bent sunglasses. That’s true, but you should also ask an eyewear expert or brand representative before using it. Many eyewear brands are happy to help you straighten your crooked sunglasses as part of their warranty coverage in case of a manufacturing defect. The following are […]

  • What is Two Toned Glasses?

    Two-toned glasses are eyeglasses with multiple color combinations. Two toned glasses are made of plastic or metal, and are a trendy style to add to your eyewear collection. You can choose between neutral shades, or go for a bold color. Two-toned glasses are also a great way to show your unique personality. Read on to […]

  • Weird Glasses – Causes, Styles, and Colors

    If you have a pair of glasses that make you feel uncomfortable, you might be wearing a weird glasses frame. If this is the case, you may want to consider getting a new set. The following article will discuss the most common causes, styles, and colors of weird glasses. After reading this article, you will […]

  • Glasses For Big Noses

    If you’re faced with a big nose, you might wonder what kind of eyeglasses would be the best option for you. Contrasting frames will draw attention away from the nose and highlight the eyes. Strikingly different-coloured frames, such as those with a black front and tortoiseshell sides, can reduce the nose’s appearance. The same principle […]

  • What Color Is Tortoise Shell?

    You might be wondering: What color is a tortoise’s base shell? If so, you have come to the right place. Here are some basic facts to know: Patterns on tortoises, What color is the base of its shell?, What do pyramiding and other red markings mean, and what food to give your tortoise. To answer […]

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