How to Choose the Right Sunglasses in the Age of Social Media

Social media has undoubtedly put lots of pressure on us to look fashionable and trendy. After all, if you are going to wow your friends and pull more attention to your photos, you want to look the part.

That said, no accessory works the charm quite like fabulously-looking sunglasses. You could be rocking a pair of slacks or a baseball cap, but still look pretty darn cool in sunglasses!

Well, picking picture-perfect sunglasses in today’s fashion conscious society is no walk in the park. But, don’t sweat it. We’ve rounded up six tried-and-true tips for choosing sunglasses that are poised to work in the age of Instagram.

#1. Choose the Right Sunglasses for the Shape of your Face

Here’s an old trick that still works like a charm when it comes to choosing the best sunglasses. There are sunglasses for each shape of the face. That’s why sunglasses that look dashing on your bestie might not work for you at all. For a round face, for example, wayfarers, ‘butterfly’, aviators, cat-eye, and other rectangular sunglasses will do the trick.

#2. Personal Taste and Lifestyle

We all have different tastes in fashion. Same goes for sunglasses. That’s why it pays to choose ones that you will be comfortable wearing. If you are big on retro lifestyle, for instance, go for cat-eye or butterfly-shaped sunglasses. They’ll marry well with your ‘hippie’ outfits.

#3. Go for Polarized — Always!

There’s a reason polarized sunglasses are a hit year after year, season after season. By buying sunglasses that are polarized, you’re pulling a double: UV protection and remarkably clear vision.

#4. Pay Attention to Lens

If you are going for a chic or casual look, it’s all in the lens. Retro, tinted or 80’s-inspired lens often offer you a timeless look and feel that can still raise eyebrows even in the era of Snapchat.

#5. Pick the Right Fit

Inasmuch as you are gunning for sunglasses that go well with the shape of your face, you should also think about the right fit. If it doesn’t fit well, your social media videos and photos will certainly be filled lots of oops.

#6. Getting the Color Right

When it comes to choosing the right color, you want to think of both the frame and the lens. That’s where your skin color tone might come in handy. Under natural light, check out the underside of your arm. If you have a golden undertone and green-tinted veins, you have got a warm skin color tone, and gold, orange, brown, tan, olive, red, yellow, or ivory sunglasses are for you. However, if you have a rosy/pink undertone and your veins look blue-tinted, you’ve what we call a cool skin color. Yours are black, green, silver, pink, blue, purple, or tortoise colored sunglasses.