What Are the Benefits of Using Green Cleaning services?

With more tenants aware of the dangers of conventional chemical cleaning products, you have to change tact as a landlord to attract these tenants. While conventional cleaning products are preferred by many cleaning agencies for their availability and affordability, their long-term use of your property comes with risks like allergies. Engaging green end of lease cleaning services has several benefits among them:


Health experts have shown that many chemical cleaning products have compounds that trigger allergies in people, especially young children and the elderly, who have weaker immune systems. These chemical compounds have also been shown to be carcinogenic when they come into contact with people over the long-term. There is also the fact that bleaches and other cleaning compounds are corrosive and could cause chemical burns when they come into contact with the skin.

Green cleaning products pose low or no health risks as they are largely formulated from natural ingredients like soda ash and vinegar. These ingredients are not known to cause any allergies or skin burn risks.

Green cleaning products are safe for use in the kitchen. This is unlike artificial cleaners that pose health risks when trace amounts remain in the utensils.

Friendly fragrance

Commercial fragrances have a sharp fragrance that tends to bite and linger for longer in the house making the units feel a bit cheap. Green cleaning products use essential oils for fragrance. Lavender, eucalyptus, rose oil and lemon are some of the common fragrances in green products. These fragrances feel natural to the nose and fade into the background leaving a nice lingering scent.


Natural cleaning products are biodegradable. This is a big advantage over artificial chemical cleaning compounds in regards to groundwater. When wastewater with green cleaning products goes into the ground, there is no risk of groundwater contamination as the cleaning products break down naturally. This is unlike artificial chemical compounds which pollute groundwater as they take longer to break down.

Environmental friendly

Green cleaning compounds do not undergo industrial processes that take energy and water. They are formulated as extracted with little damage to natural resources. Artificial cleaning compounds break down and release greenhouse gases that are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer.

More modern

Young, trendy and informed tenants are looking to live sustainable lifestyles which include using green products and services. End of tenancy London services says that units where a green lifestyle is practiced, attract this class of tenants. As a landlord, you want such kind of tenants who feel they need to live positively which includes paying rents on time.